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Pendant made of 925 silver - jumping dolphin, 37 mm

Pendant made of 925 silver - jumping dolphin, 37 mm

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A silver pendant in the shape of big jumping dolphin.


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Reference : Z32.16

Size of pendant: 37 x 8 x 8 mm

Weight: 3,5 g

Clasp width: 3 mm

Chain is not included.


Silver pendant made of quality 925 silver forms the shape of a jumping dolphin. The dolphin's body is slightly curved and the dolphin's delicate features such as eyes and smile are shaped with meticulous attention to detail. The back of the pendant is hollow to ensure the most comfortable wearing experience and a welcoming light weight of 3,5 grams. This ensures that you can wear the pendant on your chain all day long without worrying about it being uncomfortable or causing difficulties. 


The pendant has a clasp for a chain that comes out of the back of the dolphin itself. The size of the clasp for a chain loop, 3 millimetres, ensures that you can attach the pendant to any of your favourite chains. The dolphin is larger, with its 37 millimeters it is a perfect addition to an everyday outfit expressing the beautiful symbol of a unique animal - the dolphin.


Original accessory for every lady


As far as originality and beauty are concerned, this unique silver pendant with a jumping dolphin, crafted from quality 925 silver, is sure to be one of the most beautiful and unique pieces you will find. If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that would accentuate your style while expressing your individuality, this pendant is the right choice for you. It's suitable for everyday wear, but you can also accessorise your outfit with it during a romantic evening stroll, dinner or a get-together with friends. It's big enough to attract attention, but subtle enough not to look too big and overdecorated. It's the perfect accessory for a woman who loves nature, freedom and summer.


Symbol of strength, pride, intelligence and the sea


The symbolism of the jumping dolphin is diverse and encompasses strength, pride, confidence and freedom. A dolphin is associated in many cultures with intelligence, fluidity and harmony and its leap into the water symbolises purification, renewal and joy. Thus, a jumping dolphin pendant can serve as a pleasant reminder for you to realise at every moment how important it is to believe in yourself and find your way to personal happiness. It can be a perfect talisman in difficult moments to show you the right path to your goals.


It is also associated with the sea, its calm surface and the fact that what seems at first glance to be quite lonely can still be bursting with life. It is a reminder of love and loyalty. Thanks to this, the pendant is a perfect gift that will show every woman love as it really is, without having to change. It will also perfectly express your love for your daughter who loves animals. There is no more special animal than the dolphin with its unique characteristics in the world of sea animals.


Quality material with a sense for detail


The pendant is made of quality sterling silver, or the English original Sterling Silver. It is the most popular and highest quality silver used in the jewellery world. Silver as a metal is characterised by many advantages that should not be overlooked. One of the biggest advantages is its high resistance to corrosion and oxidation. This allows silver to retain its original shine even after many years of use, guaranteeing that this pendant will serve you for many years to come. Silver is also hypoallergenic, so even people with sensitive skin can wear this jewellery without any problems.


Salacia collection


Roman mythology speaks of the beautiful Roman goddess of the sea and springs, Salacia. This goddess was chosen by the god Neptune as his partner. However, Salacia did not want to say yes, she felt great respect for him and ran away. Neptune sent a dolphin after Salacia, who found her and persuaded her to sit on the throne next to Neptune and together they ruled the waters and seas of the world. That's why this piece of jewellery has also become part of our women's silver jewellery collection Salacia, inspired by the Roman goddess.  It reminds us that we often encounter many obstacles in love, but that with effort we can overcome them and be happy. Choose from the range of jewellery in this collection and remind yourself of all the important qualities that this goddess personifies. Match the men's jewellery from the Neptune collection for your partner to create the perfect harmony.