How to take care of your jewellery?


Jewellery, even if made of durable metals, are not 100% indestructible and invariable and no piece of jewellery will last in its top condition for 50 years. Jewellery manufacturers try to add various additives into the metal alloy or try different surface finishes so that the jewellery last for as long as possible. In most cases even this will not prevent scratches or change of colour.


In order to enjoy your jewellery for a long time, it is important that you follow a few basic and very simple rules: 

  • Store your jewellery in a jewellery box or in a silk or velvet bag designed for this purpose, preferably each piece of jewellery separately. 
  • Do not expose jewellery to chemicals.
  • Perfume can damage the jewellery, it should never be applied directly on the jewel.
  • Most of the jewellery can be damaged by chlorine, thermal and sea water which may damage the metal itself or stones which are glued on the jewel. (Chlorine and sea water will cause no damage only to gold and titanium jewellery)
  • Clean the jewellery only in solutions with cloths especially designed for this purpose. There exists a wide range of special cloths, solutions and creams designed for jewellery cleaning. If you are not sure, have your jewel cleaned directly at the jeweller.
  • Never apply brute force on jewellery.


Gold does not require regular special care. Normally it can be washed in clean water with detergent added. After cleaning, rinse with clean water and dry. We add a special cleaning cloth as a gift to gold products and therefore we recommend to clean the gold only with this cloth. Thanks to its use your gold jewellery will keep dazzling shine for a long time. Greasy gold jewellery can be cleaned with alcohol and dried with a soft cloth.


Silver jewellery require the greatest care. Jewellery made of silver should not be stored in the air but in special silk or velvet bags or in jewellery boxes. The most common problem of silver jewellery is its blackening or tarnishing. Oxidation of silver jewellery is a natural process but with proper care it is possible to prevent it and your jewellery may always look like new. The blackening of silver jewellery is the reason why there is added rhodium which tends to prevent the oxidation and prolong the beauty and shine of silver surfaces. But even this does not guarantee its invariable beautifully silver and shiny colour. It is a natural reaction of silver metal, not a manufacturing defect. You can easily find „silver polisher“ in any common drug store. You pour it in a small container and clean the jewellery using a special cloth. Silver jewellery will be shiny and look like new in a couple of minutes.


Jewellery made of stainless steel do not require special care. They are made of quality surgical steel. We only clean them with a soap and clean water. It should be rinsed and dried after cleaning. We only need to be careful if stones have been glued or inserted in the jewel, then it can fall off after contact with water.


Jewellery made of tungsten must be protected from strong shocks or falls as it will break down into small pieces.


Fimo jewellery should not be scratched with a nail, a steel nail or other sharp objects because that will damage the jewel since it will cause the grooves on its surface. Fimo jewellery look tasty and tempting, like from rubber and many people want to try its flexibility. Do not try that, fimo jewellery can break.


By following these rules you will ensure long life of your jewellery so that you can enjoy it for a long time, especially when you want them to remind you some event, moment or a feeling for as long as possible.